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Annunciation: Fear Not Your Yes
Annunciation: Fear Not Your Yes
acrylic on chipboard panel
38"h x 48"w x 2"d

My intention for this painting is as an abstract allegory of the Annunciation story. This is the scene, recounted in the Bible (Luke 1:26-38), when the angel Gabriel is seen by Mary and announces to her that she will be the mother of Jesus. In my painting, Gabriel is the main element, filling the circular shape as a fearsome powerful force. Mary is represented by the blue central column and the crescent moon symbol. The smaller horizontal bars in the center, which are either receding or advancing, hint of the depth of the coming incarnation of the Christ to our world of sky, land, sea, and under the sea.
I believe that Mary's acceptance in faith - her "yes" in answer to this fearsome messenger and the importance of the words that are announced - is to all of creation's eternal benefit.