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shaped painting panel with a perspective structure and foliage fading to ash
Tipping Point
acrylic on chipboard panel
24"h x 48"w x 2"d

"Tipping Point" is a departure from my usual non-objective painted layers that create depth primarily from color and overlapping formal elements. However, providing more visual drama here, even the initial cut-out shape indicates perspective. The painted base layer then reinforces this with a conscious use of color for light and shadow that pop the flat form of the panel into a dimensional illusion.
First and foremost, this is a commentary piece, with a quite specific message that should be familiar, by now. While this may be limiting for some viewers, in terms of fine art appreciation, I think that in these days, with unprecedented environmental extremes - in drought, high and low temperatures, dangerous storms, flooding, uncontrollable wildfires with the accompanying smoky atmosphere - all becoming the new normal, it has for me made this type of visual commentary a necessity.
Part of my love for traditional landscape painting and landscape-based abstract art comes from the desire to honor the environment of this precious planet and visually document the beauty of this cosmic home. Sometimes I feel that it is a documentation of things that will fade away in the near future. We must be attentive to issues that will impact our very survival. Yes, outer space is being explored. or, really, no... just being fouled up... like we have first and always done to our own planetary home. Let's get real. We have nowhere else to go. We must heed the prophetic signs!