Daniel Hendricksen

My paintings are interpretations of landscape forms, observed from life, and intuitive creations based on colors, forms, and relationships found in nature.
Traditional landscape painting uses devices such as perspective, modeling, and atmosphere to represent three dimensional space on a two dimensional surface. My painting is more a physical analogy to the Earth's surface, with cues taken from weather charts and radar maps, as well as satellite and aerial photos. This landscape is not seen across a vista, but from a perpendicular viewpoint.
This creates another playful question of what is real? Is the painting a depiction of a greater reality, or is it the material of reality by itself? Plato's shadows, playing on the opposite wall as a mere reflection of the real, relates to this questioning in my paintings. I want to increase the dialog between surface, texture, shape and spatial illusion that adjacent colors communicate.
Life and nature are full of competition. This natural tension is what energizes our existence with unsettling events and images. Rather than seek resolution and stasis, I joy in the mixture!