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large shaped acrylic painting panel has a dark rectangular object in front of a fantasy landscape with caligraphic markings
Carbon Neutrality?
acrylic on chipboard panel
50"h x 48"w x 2"d

This painting seems to have two shapes combined into it. The foreground is filled with an illusion of a three-dimensional monolith. A special paint, micaceous iron oxide, is used to give a unique surface and dense, stone-like quality to it, yet it also has a hint of sparkle within (carbon?). This is juxtaposed with a sunset (or sunrise) in a dreamlike landscape.
Is this monolith a marker, like a tombstone, that intends to hold a life's epitaph, a quick summary of an individual's or an empire's brief existence? Maybe it is the accumulated carbon footprint of a life, of a culture, or of all humanity? Is the landscape prehistoric, or is it post-human?
The written scripts are similar, yet each line is different in character. Could these quotations be from some people of different eras or clans? Are they warnings, predictions... or confessions?