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Installation photo of North gallery wall with canvas landscape and abstract paintings
Sacred Land / Desecrated Land 1 at Gloria Dei
Installation Photo

This is my solo show "Sacred Land / Desecrated Land" at the Gallery of Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Saint Paul MN. The show has over 30 paintings in a spacious setting. These landscape-inspired works are gathered together to illuminate humanity's place on planet Earth. We live within an awesome, balanced, and sacred creation - but also, in contrast, we live with nearly universal subsequent desecration due to the insatiable appetite of humans through long-term short-sighted over-consumption of resources. The show title comes from a distillation of the Wendell Berry poem quote "There are no unsacred places; there are only sacred places and desecrated places". Though the majority of these paintings are not overtly themed, they are, however, infused with a worldview backdrop of caring for creation with its call for the responsible and sustainable stewardship of our home, this speck in the universe.